A simple plugin with one purpose, to create a href-link to twitter.com when @usernames are mentioned in a post or a page. A quick hack in a dull moment after a question on Twitter.


  • Download the latest version from wordpress.org.
  • Upload the file to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Enable the plugin in WP-Admin


  • Link #hashtags to search.twitter.com
  • Admin page with enable-toggle for @username & #hashtag linking for posts, pages
  • Option to disable functionality in certain categories, tag-families and page hierarchies.
  • Option to enable target=”_blank” on outgoing links.
  • Option to enable rel=”nofollow” on outgoing links.
  • Option to enable twitter-links in comments (feature request by Therese Reuterswärd).

Bleeding edge development version can be found in the devel-branch at GitHub.

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